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Breast Milk Pump

Combination Feeding

Combination feeding, or using both breastmilk and formula, is absolutely a thing! And guess what else??  It is also breast/chestfeeding.  We know that ANY AMOUNT OF human milk, for ANY AMOUNT OF TIME is beneficial for both the parent and child. Continuing to provide human milk in any volume is absolutely worth it!

If your lactation experience looks like supplementing with donated human milk or formula, here’s where I can help.  During your consult, we will look at the frequency of feedings, assessment of current milk volume, building milk volume, calculate caloric needs with appropriate supplementation, and what feeding looks like for you in the near term and long term. 

I support your decision to do what works best for your family and your body.  If you’re ready to master combined feeding with confidence, schedule a prenatal or postnatal consult today. 

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