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Mother Baby Bonding

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer virtual and in-home lactation consultations?

Yes, I do!  I have over 18 years of pediatric and lactation experience and 3 years of virtual lactation support experience.  

  • Virtual appointments are available worldwide and accessible from the services menu. 

  • In-home visits are available on a case-by-case basis due to COVID restrictions.

How can I set up a lactation consult with you?

Easy peasy! 

  • Start by clicking on 'Services' and choose which service will work best for your needs. 

  • Book an appointment online directly from the 'Book Online' page or email me through one of the contact buttons. 

  • Process your payment and you're set!

You will receive an email confirmation from me with the next steps.

How do I prepare for my virtual lactation consultation?

Preparing for your virtual lactation consultation is simple. You will need:

1.   A device with video capabilities and access to reliable internet.

2.  A comfortable place to set up.

3.  Completed online intake forms.

What is Sensory Conscious Lactation Support?

Sensory Conscious Lactation Support (SCLS) is a supportive care framework that encompasses sensory processing and lactation experiences together. This type of supportive care would be beneficial for autistic women, those with sensory processing conditions, ADD/ADHD, postpartum depression, trauma, and/or anxiety.

What is the Lactation Spectrum Survey?

The Lactation Spectrum Survey was developed in collaboration with a family practice NP, PsyD student, autistic consultants, and myself as a tool to learn more about the sensory experiences during lactation both in autistic women and neurotypical women. 

This survey is open to all women who have lactated and directly breastfed or expressed milk for an infant at any point in their life. 

There is a lack of academic and clinical research on this subject. This informal survey is the first step to change that! 

Interested in being a change-maker?? Great! Take the survey :)

Still have questions? I’d love to hear from you.

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