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I want to prepare for success

Do you need more than a 1-hour lactation class and some toughened-up nipples?  Absolutely!

There are so many myths around lactation and how to prepare for it that the valuable information often gets lost in the message.  (You don't need to toughen up your nipples). The truth is your body is unique, your family values and culture are unique, and chances are that your lactation experience will be unique, too. 

This is your story to tell, and it should be filled with the personal experiences that only you can cultivate.  

1.  INFORM YOURSELF.  Taking a class will provide you with some basic knowledge but that may not translate well at 2 am when you’re baby won’t latch.  Or when your 2 other kids need snacks the second you sit down. Or if you're returning to work shortly after birth and need to initiate pumping and bottle feeding sooner than most.  Thinking about what challenges might arise and how to have clear steps in place to work through them with your partner or support person. 

2.  Understand YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY as it relates to milk making.  When you’re prepared you can navigate the challenges more effectively.  Certain medical conditions like diabetes, minimal breast growth during puberty and/or pregnancy can cause low milk supply or delayed milk production.   Surgical procedures like breast or chest surgeries and cesarean deliveries can delay milk production too.  

3.  Identify PROFESSIONAL LACTATION SUPPORT.  Seeking out support before your baby arrives, should you need help, is essential.  Your pregnancy care provider is an expert in pregnancy, however, they might not be a lactation specialist.  You are worthy of specialized and individualized care that aligns with your family and feeding choices.  Invest the time in finding a person whom you trust and can support you through this momentous time. 

What if your success wasn't defined as a 'good' or 'bad' experience, but rather one that you’re genuinely grateful for. Let’s work together to create a prenatal lactation plan that will set you up for success and gratitude. 

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