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Stressed Woman

Pain is not a normal part of breast/chestfeeding or pumping.

The myth that “some pain is normal" is outdated and not useful when latching your baby feels so uncomfortable and even intolerable.  It’s not as simple as 'hanging in there' and 'waiting for things to get better'.  If you’re having pain, the professional support of a lactation specialist is essential to preserve the breast/chestfeeding relationship. 

Here’s where I can help! Through assessment, exam, and observation of you and your baby, I can identify the issue/issues causing the pain.  Together, we can work on a care plan that will get you to a place of comfort so that you can continue meeting your personal breast/chestfeeding goals.  

You are worthy of a comfortable breast/chestfeeding experience and I can help with that! Take the next step and schedule your postnatal virtual consult today. 

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