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Certified Neurodiverse Lactation Specialist $249

Certified Neurodiverse Lactation Specialist $249

Hi there,

Glad you're here. Meet your newest certification, the Certified Neurodverse Lactation Specialiast 💛. 


For April only, enjoy 25% off of the C-NLS course- $186.75!!


This course is designed to provide specialized lactation training for clinicans supporting the neurodivergent parent's lactation experience.


➡️ Our Certified Neurodiverse Lactation Specialist (C-NLS) program is IBLCE approved, offering 6.0 CERPS to help you level up your lactation support skills.

➡️ Whether you're a lactation consultant, nurse, midwife, or other clinical provider, this course will enhance your ability to support families.  With a focus on understanding the unique experiences  of neurodivergent individuals during lactation, you'll gain essential knowledge and practical strategies to provide inclusive and effective lactation support.

🥇Join us and become a leader in providing evidence-based, compassionate care for neurodivergent families.


Note: This is not a physical product. Registration link will be emailed to you as a PDF after you add to cart and checkout. ✏️The link willl take you directly to our outstanding course platform to complete your registration at Teachable.


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