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Newborn Baby

Touched out?

Are you feeling touched out or overwhelmed by the frequent needs of your baby? Does breast leaking feel intolerable? Does sitting down to feed your baby feel restrictive? These are some examples of sensory components in lactation that make breast/chestfeeding and pumping more challenging, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. 

Here’s where I can help.  I specialize in Sensory Conscious Lactation Support and understand the unique challenges and needs of neurodiverse families.  During your consultation, we will review your medical history and lactation sensory assessments to determine which areas of breast/chestfeeding are most intense for you.  

If you’re living life with heightened intensity and lactation is no exception, I can support you.  Take the next step and schedule a consult that aligns with where you are in your lactation journey at this moment.  

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