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Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman

Are you new to breast/chestfeeding?

Every parent is unique and support should align with your family values and family culture.  Informing yourself and your partner about lactation will help prepare you and your partner.  The information below is meant to be a guidepost, outlined into various areas of parenthood, where lactation challenges arise. 

Preconception and Prenatal Period

    -A thorough medical history and exam to understand your lactation physiology 

    -Review of previous lactation experiences, struggles, and successes

    -Preparation for increasing supply after cesarean, returning to work, and balancing feeding with multiple children 

Hospital or Birth Center

    -Understanding how to build your milk supply from day 1

    -Troubleshooting breast swelling, painful latch, or delayed milk production before discharge

    -Clear plan of care for your specific lactation goals

    -Lactation support for infants with jaundice, hypoglycemia, or NICU 

Postnatal Period

    -Troubleshooting breast swelling, painful latch, or delayed milk production

    -Exam and assessment of infant oral anatomy to rule out oral tethers

    -Bringing supply up to full capacity

-Navigating positions that work with your body to support comfortable breast/chestfeeding

Pumping and Hand Expression 

-Choosing a pump that will work with your body

-Understanding and learning hand expression techniques

Starting Solids

    -When and how to start with the breastfed baby without dropping your supply

Growth spurts and Fussy Evenings

    -Understanding frequent feedings as a normal part of breast/chestfeeding during growth supports and developmental milestones

Nighttime Parenting

    -Sleep regressions

    -Safe sleep spaces that preserve breastfeeding and maintain a good supply of breastmilk


    -Starting solids

    -Dropping a night time feeding

-After loss 

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