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Clinican Resources

Ready to make your lactation practice neurodiverse inclusive? Check out the resources below to get started!
Stay tuned for more on Neurodiverse Lactation Education resources.

Image by Jessica Lewis

Neurodiverse Inclusive Practice Checklist

Cultivating a lactation practice that is neurodiverse friendly is essential to providing the best care for our clients.  
Ready to make the transition to a neurodiverse inclusive practice?
Grab the checklist below.

 Parent Resources 

In addition to providing comprehensive and personalized lactation services for my clients, I also post helpful links for site visitors to enjoy and benefit from. Although nothing beats a custom-tailored consult, I hope you’ll find these resources helpful.

Pile Of Books

Best Books and Resources for Autistic Parents and Lactation

Check out the Parent Resource Guide with books and other support sources for the neurodiverse, breastfeeding parent.

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